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While working her way through college as a waitress, Kaliahna felt the need to perform more meaningful work, something that would make a difference in the lives of others. She applied for her first caregiving position in 2008 with a local senior care facility in her area. She enjoyed the fast paced schedule in helping seniors in every facet of their daily living. She worked her way to med-tech in the memory care facility. She then branched out to working for an in-home care agency and discovered her passion and purpose providing care for elderly still residing in their own homes.

It was at this time Kaliahna shared her dream with her family for someday owning or managing her own in home senior care agency and providing personalized, professional care for seniors. Kaliahna’s parents, Don and Vickie had a long history of being self-employed in business and loved the idea. They began researching the plausibility of starting a family business in the area of senior care.

At that time, Vickie’s grandmother (Kaliahna’s great grandmother) was reaching her late 80s and one of her priorities was to age in her own home surrounded by family and friends. She wasn’t the only senior feeling that way. Further research revealed many advantages for seniors aging in place in their own homes.

  • The 2011 AARP survey report supports that desire, stating that 90% of seniors age 65 and older want to stay in their own homes while they age.
  • The familiarity and comfort of being in their own home provides a higher level of independence and happiness.
  • Marty Bell, executive director of the National Aging in Place Council, said that according to council research, care can cost on average $86,000 annually per person in a nursing home, $60,000 for someone in assisted living and $23,000 for someone aging in place at home.

In 2013 when Kaliahna graduated from CSUC with her degree in communications, the three made it their mission to provide exceptional in home care and they launched the first Happy at Home office in Chico California.

Don’s family had faced challenges when they needed qualified in home caregivers for his great grandmother. One after another, private caregivers either quit or failed to show up to care for her, making it impossible for the family to have any peace of mind, knowing that she was cared for. This along with Kaliahna’s past experiences brought to light the fact that in order to provide “exceptional” care Happy at Home caregivers must be a cut above the rest. Happy at Home hires the best and provides on-going training and education for as long as they are employed with Happy at Home. Through these efforts Happy at Home caregivers reach higher levels of skill, competence, and job satisfaction in addition to their personal dedication and compassion for assisting seniors.

Providing exceptional in home care for seniors isn’t a mission the Happy at Home staff takes lightly. The entire team works diligently to provide the absolute best care so family members can have peace of mind.

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